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We are Bluehike: ambitious, passionate Service Management specialists. Service Cloud and Field Service for the Salesforce 360 platform are our areas of expertise. Our strength lies in optimising every type of service process. No challenge is too great: from Field Service to integrating Customer Engagement into the complete service process. Our enthusiastic team of Salesforce consultants realises the best solution for every issue, guiding customers to their peak every day. What will your (next) service destination be?

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Every service process requires an appropriate solution. We specialise in realising optimized service processes. We do so by utilizing standard Salesforce solutions, supplemented by our BlueHike fasttrails, which are developed in-house.



Our areas of expertise



Offering service is becoming an increasingly important differentiator and source of revenue. When facing issues, customers need effective support fast, time after time. By using smart tools such as AI, chatbots and self-service, personalised service can be made scalable.


To be successful, involving customers in the service process is crucial. Customer experience and loyalty are improved as soon as there is proactive communication and the customer is in control. Thanks to continuous close contact, technical staff know exactly what customers need and always have a foot in the door.


Servicing customers on-site introduces unique, complex challenges. Such as logistics related to materials, prioritizing work and travel route optimisation. What’s more, employees in the field are often the only real-world customer contacts – these touchpoints present a unique opportunity for building customer loyalty.


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“BlueHike is the choice for a future-proof road.

Our solutions



For certain challenges, BlueHike has already mapped out routes. These solutions help us ensure companies enjoy the benefits of Salesforce Service and Field Service software faster. We have developed the following proprietary products: SAP-SFS adapter, for integration of SAP and Salesforce, Click migration, for converting ClickSoftware to Salesforce, and the Rapid Deployment Solution, a total solution for Field Service Management implementation.


The Salesforce platform offers a range of capabilities that allow you to obtain the best possible 360-degree view of your customers. Within this comprehensive package, we focus on Service Cloud, Field Service and Experience Cloud. That’s exactly where our passion lies. By focusing, we can optimise the service process or create new opportunities through service delivery in a targeted, efficient manner. The result: very high customer satisfaction levels. This, in turn, makes everyone happy.

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As a service organisation, your goal is to create maximum value for your customers and yourself. Developing an outstanding process to improve your service management could definitely be described as ‘a journey’. What does this journey look like? Let us guide you through it!


In 'Five steps to improving your service management', we describe the first step in improving your service process: gaining insight. Why it is important to obtain answers to questions such as "What service activities do we perform, and for whom?" and "Who are our service customers, and what are their requirements?". We’re happy to tell you.


BlueHike is the new name for the ClickSoftware and Salesforce practice of Ideo (formerly Ideo Field Service).


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