Service Management

What is Service Management?

The goal of effective Service Management is to deliver value to the customer in the form of service. Solving questions or problems that have resulted in a customer contacting the manufacturer or service provider, for example.

In addition to optimally arranging these service processes, there is currently an increasing focus on proactive service delivery. The focus is no longer on just achieving agreed/expected service levels – but on exceeding customer expectations.


Service as unique selling point

Providing service is crucial as a way of distinguishing yourself from competitors. When it comes to keeping customers happy, selling a good product no longer suffices. Service: that’s what it’s all about! Omni-channel customer service allows service providers to ensure a good, consistent customer experience, regardless of the communication channel. Customer problems and questions are answered quickly and effectively through any desired channel, from telephone and chat to website and email. Of course, avoiding these problems and questions is even better. By providing proactive service, customers can be positively surprised and extra turnover can be achieved.


Service as a source of revenue

Lower production costs and longer functional lifetime lead to reduced margins on physical products. In addition, more and more purchases are made online, which means personal interaction with the customer is moved to the after-sales phase. As a result, service is becoming an increasingly important source of revenue. Interactions with (potential) customers take place throughout the service process: the customer calls the customer contact centre, a mechanic speaks to a machine operator, or a salesperson speaks to a store owner. Each of these interactions provides an opportunity to create value (revenue), for customer as well as service provider.


Why service management software?

Service Management software enables your company to deliver top-notch services that set you apart. By using the right software, the service agent always has a complete customer overview, and customer questions can always be answered in a correct, personal manner. Based on historical data and Artificial Intelligence (AI), the system suggests what action should be taken in order to realise the highest possible level of customer satisfaction, for example providing a discount or upgrading free of charge.

By enabling agents to provide visual remote assistance, issues can be dealt with off-site. In this way, the customer is helped in the fastest way possible, with the smallest effort. The ultimate form of service is proactive service, where problems are prevented and customers surprised by smart use of data.


Improve your service with service management software

  • Efficient and effective deployment of agents by reducing administrative burden
  • Increased customer satisfaction by consistently delivering high-level service across channels
  • Improved revenue by leveraging cross- and upselling opportunities
  • Fewer service requests by proactively providing required information (case deflection)


Service management with Salesforce

BlueHike combines expertise in Service Management processes with technical knowledge of Salesforce. That is how we create a future-proof solution, that enables you to provide distinctive service to your customers.