Experience Cloud

Salesforce Experience Cloud: the ultimate service experience

The customer portal you create with Salesforce Experience Cloud always seamlessly connects to the Salesforce platform. By using this feature, it becomes easy to make information from the platform available on a site and interact with customers. The platform also allows you to integrate information from other systems without hassle. Doing so ensures you have all information at your fingertips in a single integrated overview.

Experience Cloud sites can be set up easily and quickly using different templates. You can design sites in line with your corporate identity, providing a seamless customer experience down to the last pixel. Each site, by default, is responsive, providing an easy-to-use interface from any device. As a result, every customer and partner has exactly the right experience anytime, anywhere.


Case deflection through self-service

Research (HBR) indicates that customers prefer to have a self-service option before contacting the service organisation. The main advantage? Case deflection: customers can find answers to their questions themselves, which means your phone won’t be ringing around the clock. This allows you to focus on the queries that require the most attention. In short, a win-win situation.

By setting up a customer portal, functionalities in Service Cloud can be made available to customers in an easy, effective manner. Customers have complete insight into their assets and asset history. The customer can also view the current status of open cases and work orders. In addition, the Knowledge base can be consulted to find background information and practical tips. The moment a customer submits a new service request, these items are automatically suggested, in order to promote customer self-service.

Salesforce Experience Cloud - Self Scheduling

Service via chat and Visual Remote Assistance

For a service organisation, it is important that help can always be offered through the customer’s preferred channel. Many customers prefer chat for quick and easy service. With Experience Cloud, chat functionality can be integrated easily. And with the arrival of Einstein AI, answers and content can be fine-tuned based on customer profile. In this way, your service offering will always match the customer’s needs!

Visual Remote Assistance is another option. By using a camera and on-screen notes, the customer can, in many cases, receive remote assistance without having to install additional software. Does a technician need to visit the customer site after all? They can easily make an appointment, using Field Service’s powerful scheduling logic.


Excellent customer experiences with Salesforce Experience Cloud

  • Easily create websites, portals and apps. Fully responsive and can be branded any way you want.
  • Engage customers and partners by connecting and giving them authorised access to Salesforce data
  • Help customers through self-service, chat and remote assistance


Involve external partners

In many cases, getting external partners involved in the service process offers advantages. We say: just do it! This can be easily realised through an Experience site. The service process can be upgraded to a one-stop-shopping concept. This, in turn, promotes customer satisfaction. Partners can access their orders, products, documents and other items in this collaborative way. Subcontractors, even when managed from Field Service, can easily provide feedback in order to provide complete transparency. In this way, service companies can work together with their partners to provide optimal service.

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