SAP-SFS adapter

Integrating SAP with Salesforce using the SAP - SFS Adapter

BlueHike’s SAP – SFS Adapter ensures seamless integration of SAP and Salesforce Field Service. A fast, complete and simple solution that saves time and effort. The adapter is based on the latest technologies and best practices from SAP and Salesforce. With an unrivalled time-to-value, a complete view of the service request is created independently of the source. This is how you create the ultimate Field Service Management process.


Critical data always accessible

During a Field Service process, information is critical. For instance, you will want to be sure mechanics and their skills are correctly presented in the system. In addition, you’ll want technicians to have correct, up-to-date information from the service order at their disposal. With the SAP – SFS adapter, this critical information from SAP is made available in Salesforce:

  • Service and maintenance orders
  • Order operations
  • Mechanic / employee HR data
  • Employee availability

The adapter features a flexible configuration options in SAP for selecting relevant information. Is a component missing? The adapter can easily be expanded with your own logic, fields or objects. As a result, the integration becomes an even better fit for your business process. Just what you need.


SAP – SFS Adapter. A smart choice

We have been realising SAP integrations with Field Service for many years. This experience has enables us to develop our unique adapter which allows us to help companies achieve reliable SAP and Salesforce integration.

  • Unrivalled time-to-value – Operational within a week!
  • Based on current best practices and many years of experience
  • Supports SAP ECC and S/4HANA
  • Easily customisable to support project-specific fields and logic

BlueHike - SAP-SFS Adapter

Seamless integration with our SAP – SFS Adapter

  • Plug-and-play solution
  • Out-of-the-box monitoring and security
  • Low risk and short time to implementation

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