Customer Engagement

What is Customer Engagement?

Customer Engagement means involving customers in the service process and keeping them informed. This can be achieved in many ways. From making it possible to consult an online knowledge base, to providing relevant data to an on-road technician’s display in real-time.

Mutual benefits for customers and service providers:

  • Customers are empowered to help themselves
  • A smooth service process – all necessary information is available right away
  • Improved customer loyalty and customer value


Why Customer Engagement?

Keeping customers involved in the service process brings benefits for them and service providers. Enabling customers to look up required information on their own is often preferable to having them contact the company, which doesn’t need to invest time and effort in answering e-mails or phone calls. The customer experience also gets a boost when Customer Engagement is used correctly: people feel listened to and valued, which fosters loyalty. High-quality communication adds tremendous value to any service product or process.


Customer Engagement software

One of the strengths of Salesforce is the fact that it creates a unique, complete customer overview. When a service process is orchestrated from Salesforce, a 360-degree customer overview can be used to provide the customer with the right information, in a personalised manner. In Experience Cloud, portals and knowledge bases can be made available, on which customers and partners can find personalized content. Tools such as Appointment Assistant enable service providers to keep customers fully up-to-date, so that they know exactly when their assigned technician will arrive.


Customer Engagement with Salesforce

BlueHike combines Customer Engagement expertise with technical knowledge of Salesforce. This is how we create the ultimate service experience using Experience Cloud, now and in the future.

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