Rapid Deployment Solution

Fast implementation of your Field Service solution

Customer service expectations continue to grow. This forces your company to realise positive customer experiences around your services or products. Salesforce Field Service is the solution. But where to start? Perhaps you’re convinced that implementing Field Service will be a large, complex project? Without adequate preparation, it certainly can be. That’s why Service and Field Service Management specialist BlueHike developed the Rapid Deployment Solution.


BlueHike’s Rapid Deployment Solution

Several best practices in Field Service management come together in our unique Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS). With this, we can get your company off to a flying start. RDS is a unique, complete solution with a fixed price and scope. You always know where you stand and can minimise initial investment, risk and uncertainty usually associated with IT implementations.


A carefree start with BlueHike’s RDS

  • Scalable foundation for service of distinction
  • Deliver value quickly thanks to short lead times
  • Low risk through fixed costs and proven project approach


Proven project approach

We use a proven project approach that minimises risk and implementation times. This allows us to leverage benefits of the software as rapidly as possible. We guide organisations from preparation to software deployment in four phases. During workshops, we gather company-specific information so that the solution fits seamlessly into every business process. In addition, we involve the users during the project to ensure motivated users and high adoption rates.

Would you like to know how Rapid Deployment Solution could help your organisation?

Contact us and we will guide your organisation to excellent Field Service!

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BlueHike solutions

Are you using SAP and do you want to seamlessly integrate it with Salesforce Field Service? That’s possible! With the help of the SAP - SFS Adapter. This unique solution allows these two discrete systems to communicate effortlessly. The result? Access to critical data, anytime, anywhere!

BlueHike solutions

In 2019, ClickSoftware was acquired by Salesforce. Slowly but surely, the Click product portfolio is migrating to Field Service. Is this a problem? No. Migrating from Click to Field Service has several advantages. We will ensure the smoothest possible migration!