Field Service

Field Service: optimal scheduling of field staff

Salesforce Field Service helps dispatchers prioritise jobs and schedule teams more efficiently. This is based on business objectives, using state-of-the-art optimisation capabilities and Artificial Intelligence. Within Field Service, it’s also possible to integrate contractors in the process. In this way, your customers are continuously involved in service, even when external employees are deployed. With Field Service, the hands-on tool-time of employees and crews is increased and customer issues are solved faster. 


Mobile app: all information at your fingertips

When dozens of employees are in the field simultaneously, it is vital that everyone in the organisation has all information at their fingertips.

This way, service calls are handled efficiently and correctly. Field Service employees can use Salesforce Field Service via a mobile app. This app works online as well as offline and helps further increase first-time-fix rates. 

The SFS app offers everything you expect from a Field Service mobile app: insight into schedules, travel times, work instructions, insight into service contracts, maintenance subscriptions and service reports.





Complete insight into all assets

Salesforce Field Service provides one single central console from which all assets can be viewed. Service contracts and maintenance plans make it possible to automatically provide your customers with the right service at the right time. Furthermore, Field Service generates insight into the uptime of assets. This allows you to work towards the best possible result.

Not enough for your organisation? No problem! With asset 360, you can scale up to the next level of asset-oriented service including complex installed base management, depot repair or, for example, recalls.


Salesforce Field Service - Gantt


Personalised service increases customer engagement

Getting customers involved in the service process is increasingly important. The Field Service appointment assistant makes it easy to share location, ETA, name and photo of the service engineer in real-time. Checklists can also be sent, allowing the customer to make the right preparations. In this way, service not only becomes more personal, but also helps drastically reduce cases of customers not answering the door. That, in turn, ensures greater customer satisfaction.


A streamlined service process with Salesforce Field Service

  • Automatically create efficient schedules based on business objectives
  • Manage and streamline all field activities with the offline-first mobile app
  • Provide Field Service staff with the tools they need to exceed customer expectations
  • Enable the inside a Field Service to increase first-time-fix rate and hands-on tool-time

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