Field Service Health Check

Why regular IT check-ups are essential

How often do you take your car to the garage for a check-up? Do you check your IT-Systems just as often? Using the BlueHike Field Service Health Check, you can thoroughly examine your current Salesforce Field Service implementation and your Field Service process. Discover what works, what doesn’t, and how satisfied your employees are with the system. 


Expert guidance for enhanced efficiency

Our Field Service Guides provide concrete suggestions for a more efficient and user-friendly implementation. We combine our expertise with best practices to optimize your Field Service process. Which new developments in the Salesforce Ecosystem could help you achieve that? Using our Health Check tools, we’ll identify bottlenecks in your current implementation and pinpoint possible next steps, together.  


Benefits of the Health Check

The Field Service Health Check will help you:  

  • Find the biggest pain points in your current Salesforce implementation  
  • Identify concrete suggestions for improvement and potentially valuable new features within Salesforce Field Service 
  • Define next steps for higher employee satisfaction and efficiency 
  • Gain insight in how quickly you can make improvements and shape your Salesforce Roadmap 


Download our detailed presentation

For more information about the Field Service Health Check, download our comprehensive presentation. Discover the details on our packages and the estimated days required for your Health Check.

BlueHike is the expert in Salesforce Service and Salesforce Field Service. Let’s get to work together to optimize your Field Service operations with our Health Check solution!

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