ClickSoftware migration

ClickSoftware migration to successor SFS

Salesforce Field Service (SFS) is the follow-up to all Click products. The SFS solution, jointly developed by Salesforce and ClickSoftware, shares many principles and planning logic with Click. That means large new investments in optimisation can be avoided. This makes migrating from ClickSoftware to SFS especially attractive, along with the combination of the best-in-class optimisation engine (Click), Salesforce platform capabilities, and lightning-fast SFS developments. To make the switch even easier, we offer a standardised migration methodology.


Migration methodology principles

BlueHike presents: the ‘Click – SFS Migration Methodology’. Developed on the basis of years of Field Service solution implementation experience. This in-depth knowledge of both ClickSoftware and SFS allows us to help companies successfully migrate from Click to Salesforce. The migration methodology is based on the following principles:

  • Back to standards: Why build it yourself if there’s a standard solution available? We try to reduce customisation to the greatest degree possible. We replace complex custom built solutions with standard SFS functionality.
  • Dual expertise: Knowledge and expertise: we’ve got it! Years of experience with both ClickSoftware and Salesforce means we can ensure a smooth, successful transition.
  • Process knowledge: We speak your language! Our consultants excel at bridging the gap between business and IT. They are Service and Field Service process specialists and help you deploy optimally.


Implementation in four phases

The BlueHike Field Service ‘Click – SFS Migration Methodology’ consists of four SFS implementation phases. Underlying these phases are a number of deliverables and quality checks that ensure the solution seamlessly fits into the Field Service process.


BlueHike ensures structured migration

  • Process becomes manageable through structured approach
  • High adoption rate through transparent and well-founded choices
  • Low risk through combined Click / Salesforce expertise


Feature mapping workshops

‘Feature mapping’ workshops are an essential part of the Migration Methodology. These workshops help you and your team make informed decisions about transferring features to Salesforce Field Service. Creating a transparent decision-making process and involving stakeholders optimises adoption and success of the migration project.

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