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ClickSoftware is Field Service Management software focused on optimising the most diverse and challenging Field Service management issues. That’s ClickSoftware. Intelligent automations make the service process more efficient. ClickSoftware’s solutions allow service organisations to focus on differentiation.


Acquired by Salesforce

For years, ClickSoftware offered the best Field Service Management solution: Field Service Edge. In 2019, the company was acquired by Salesforce and both companies joined forces. As a result, Salesforce became the new best-in-class Field Service management software. To support organisations looking to switch from ClickSoftware to Salesforce as well as possible, we offer a standard migration methodology that ensures a smooth transition.


BlueHike is a ClickSoftware expert

  • Years as best-in-class Field Service management solution
  • Precursor to Salesforce Field Service
  • BlueHike created from over 15 years of partnership with ClickSoftware

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ClickSoftware and BlueHike: together, we continue our journey

BlueHike and ClickSoftware have a shared history. As Field Service specialists, we have been helping companies optimise challenging service and Field Service processes for over 15 years. As specialists in Field Service, ClickSoftware and Salesforce, we can help organisations further on their journey to Field Service Excellence.

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BlueHike solutions

Implementing Field Service: expensive and complicated? Not with BlueHike's Rapid Deployment Solution! RDS enables you to minimize the initial investment, risk and uncertainty usually associated with IT implementation. This is how we ensure a flying start!

BlueHike solutions

Are you using SAP and do you want to seamlessly integrate it with Salesforce Field Service? That’s possible! With the help of the SAP - SFS Adapter. This unique solution allows these two discrete systems to communicate effortlessly. The result? Access to critical data, anytime, anywhere!

BlueHike solutions

In 2019, ClickSoftware was acquired by Salesforce. Slowly but surely, the Click product portfolio is migrating to Field Service. Is this a problem? No. Migrating from Click to Field Service has several advantages. We will ensure the smoothest possible migration!