ClickSoftware Migration Guide

In 5 steps from ClickSoftware to Salesforce Field Service

If your organization is currently utilizing ClickSoftware Field Service Edge, you’re likely aware of the December 31, 2026, end-of-life (EOL) date. The significance of this milestone cannot be understated—after this date Click FSE will no longer be available for use. Therefore, moving to a solution in a timely
manner is critical to prevent business disruptions. Whether you’re already exploring alternatives, assessing potential replacements, or finalizing your decision, the transition away
from Click FSE can be a substantial undertaking.

ClickSoftware and Salesforce have been co-developing the successor of FSE since 2016, resulting in the solution that is now called ‘Salesforce Field Service’. It combines the best-in-class optimization engine of Click with the powerful cloud platform of Salesforce, focused on innovation, user friendliness and customer centricity.


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Discover the 5 steps for a smooth transition from ClickSoftware to Salesforce Field Service in our ‘ClickSoftware Migration Guide’. This whitepaper provides an overview of BlueHike’s migration strategy for transitioning from ClickSoftware to Salesforce Field Service (SFS).

It facilitates a seamless transition based on three principles:

  • dual expertise in the areas of ClickSoftware and Salesforce;
  • in-depth knowledge of Field Service Processes;
  • and a focus on standardization.


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