Maximum value from each interaction

Creating value

Interactions with (potential) customers take place throughout the service process: the customer calls the customer contact centre, a mechanic speaks to a machine operator, or a salesperson speaks to a store owner. Each of these interactions provides an opportunity to create value (revenue), for customer as well as service provider. By correctly setting up Service Management processes, maximum value can be obtained from every customer touchpoint.

BlueHike service journey - Maximum value from each interaction


Spot the opportunities

With this mindset, an on-site technician can uncover opportunities to sell additional products or services. These opportunities would never have come to light without a site visit. Field Service trips provide a unique opportunity to see products, in whatever form, ‘at work’ in the customer context. This is essential when determining the best choice for a given customer.


Nurture customer relationships

The nature of service processes also makes them ideally suited to creating and nurturing customer relationships. International Data Corporation (IDC) also recognizes this opportunity. They see that Field Service teams have a unique point of entry that allows them to take the relationship with the customer beyond the physical product/asset. The fact that the service team takes on the role of ‘trusted advisor’, and can act as a lifesaver at important moments, offers a perfect starting point for building a close relationship with the customer.


Digital customer loyalty

Customer interactions have come under scrutiny as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. On-site visits are no longer self-evident, and digital channels are becoming increasingly important for delivering services and connecting with the customer. Gartner predicts that by 2025, 40% of service organizations will become a source of revenue by excelling in digital customer loyalty.


Get ready to excel in digital customer loyalty

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Salesforce solutions

With Salesforce Experience Cloud, you can easily set up a customer portal and engage all stakeholders in the service process. Customers can get answers to their questions via chat, virtual assistance or an extensive knowledge base. It is also possible to involve external parties.


Across all sectors, customer expectations are noticeably increasing. Consumers are becoming more and more accustomed to consistent, personalized service. B2B customers expect the same experiences as they are familiar with as consumers. Meeting and then exceeding these expectations is the final step in the Service Management journey.


After creating insight into the service process and managing costs, the next step to further optimize the service process can be taken: optimizing deployment of resources.