Gain insight into your service process

Why insight is so important is so important

The very first step we need to take before we can start improving processes is gaining insight. This is the case whenever you want to:

  • manage costs in the service process;
  • uncover opportunities to improve services to customers;
  • maximise turnover.

Without insight, none of the above can be achieved. Let’s start at the beginning!

BlueHike service journey - Gaining insight


Real-world experience

Service professionals realise the importance of understanding service management. Recent research from ‘State of Service’ shows that 79% of service professionals say it is impossible to provide good customer service without having a full picture of customer interactions and the complete context of the service.

This insight is not only necessary for providing good customer service, it can also be used to determine where service can be improved. Therefore, gaining insight is a necessary first step to improve service management processes.


Service and maintenance sector challenges

Other major challenges service companies face require greater insight into the service process, too. One of the largest challenges facing the service and maintenance sector is the scarcity of technically skilled personnel.

As a result, optimising the Field Service process is more important than ever. This allows service activities to be carried out as efficiently as possible. Mechanics can be deployed as effectively as possible. Gaining insight into different service activities carried out at the customer premises helps to provide said services more efficiently. For example, understanding the first-time-fix rate can be the first step to uncovering improvement opportunities. Here, technology can serve as a starting point for gaining insight into service processes and then further optimise service delivery.


Technology as lever for optimisation

Making us of one single digital platform for service opens the way to further optimisation. Eliminating paper flows or separate tooling involved in service is the first step. This ensures all service activities, inventories, asset history, and various customer interactions are digitally and easily visible.


Making the most of opportunities through interdepartmental interaction

In addition, this technology allows service to connect with other departments such as sales and marketing. This makes it possible to get more out of opportunities that service management brings.

Besides making information easier to understand, service management tooling ensures information is available to the invoicing department faster, for example. Since materials and hours used are known more quickly, invoices can be sent to the customer faster, which improves order-to-cash time.


Start digitising your processes

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BlueHike solutions

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In our previous blog, we discussed the first step in the service management journey: gaining insight. You have a clear picture of your processes; paper flows have all been digitized and all service information is centrally available. Now you are ready to use this foundation to control costs.


As a service organisation, your goal is to create maximum value for your customers and yourself. Developing an outstanding process to improve your service management could definitely be described as ‘a journey’. What does this journey look like? Let us guide you through it!