Asset 360

Get smart with Assets

Asset 360 adds in-depth asset-centric functionality to the Salesforce platform. Tools such as Asset Timeline and Asset Hierarchy provide crucial information at a glance and allow service teams to easily track assets and keep them up-to-date.


Powerful tools and templates

Using templates, a variety of processes, such as replacing or taking back parts for repair, can be visualised and automated. Asset 360 comes with 60 ready-made flows based on real-world experience and best practices. Implementation time is significantly reduced. No-code tools such as the Service Process Manager and Wizard ensure every service process can be automated. You can create workflows, for example, or the business can implement changes itself – without being dependent on IT departments! This allows you to remain flexible and respond to changing customer requirements.


That’s why you need to get started with Asset 360

  • Get the most from your assets
  • Automate complex processes with best-practice templates and low-code tools
  • Minimise contract leakage and create new sales through upselling and renewals


Boost profitability

Using the Entitlement Engine makes working with complex warranties and service contracts simple and scalable. Whenever a customer places a service claim, the system automatically validates what services that customer is entitled to. This prevents ‘contract leakage’: delivery of free parts or labour that isn’t covered by a contract.

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